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CarWale Launches CarWale Guarantee - A Comprehensive Second-Hand Car Warranty Programme

CarWale (3:15PM) 

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CarWale has announced the launch of India’s most comprehensive extended warranty programme for second-hand cars called CarWale Guarantee. The brand has been launched to address the apprehensions associated with buying second-hand cars in India.

India’s Most Comprehensive Certification Programme

As a part of the CarWale Guarantee programme, experts first assess the condition of the car on an industry-leading 217 check points, as compared to the approximate 120 checks that is the norm today.

While other warranty providers rely on visual inspections, CarWale has set new benchmarks by introducing the latest tools and technology in vehicle inspections. Some of the tools used are:

Laser paint thickness meter – detects minor changes in thickness of paint coat on body panels which would otherwise go un-noticed in a visual inspection
Tyre tread depth gauge – precisely measures the remaining tread depth on a tyre
Battery load tester – indicates the current condition and rating of the battery
Digital A/C thermometer – helps determine the cooling efficiency of the car in terms of temperature attained as well as time taken to cool the car
Mechanic’s stethoscope – helps identify abnormal noises within the engine
Carscore device – a unique device that instantly reads all electronic sensor data from the car into CarWale’s certification app
The combined information from the above tools and inspection create a final health report for the car, which determines whether it is eligible for Guarantee or not. With this comprehensive certification process, second-hand car buyers can be assured of the exact condition of the car they are buying.

Backed-up By India’s Most Comprehensive Warranty Programme

And just in case something were to go wrong, CarWale Guarantee provides reassurance to car buyers with the following advantages:

Comprehensive coverage of parts – while others provide a limited warranty on engine and transmission only, CarWale Guarantee covers more parts than even some OEM’s own extended warranty programmes for their own cars
Coverage for 1 Year or 15,000 kms – applicable from the date of the purchase of the car
Access to 20,000+ service points – in the event that the car requires repairs of any kind, CarWale Guarantee provides access to the single largest list of service centres, including brand authorised centres to assure you complete peace of mind
Launched in association with AXA Assistance India, the CarWale Guarantee programme promises second-hand car buyers a hassle-free ownership experience. For more details about CarWale Guarantee, log on to http://www.carwale.com/used/guarantee

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